“On time, on budget, on a continual basis with a thorough, deep tissue and appropriate pressure massage. A partner in my physical rejuvenation and well-being. Bi-monthly relaxation and rejuvenation experience. An excellent massage bordering on a rolfing.” -Joe M., 4/18/14


“As part of my rehab from shoulder surgery a couple of years ago for a torn rotator cuff and a subsequent frozen shoulder, I went through several doctors and physical therapists before I came into contact with the RIGHT doctor and the RIGHT physical therapist, who eventually referred me to PT Massage to help me optimize my range of motion and relieve the constant pain I was having. I found the staff at PT Massage, particularly the owner Alissa, to be highly professional, caring, and extremely competent.  With each session I experienced noticeable improvement.  I now have regained complete range of motion for my shoulder and arm, and the show-stopping pain is gone.  I’m continuing with PT Massage with regular visits to resolve other physical issues that result from an active lifestyle, stressful work conditions, and having a Baby Boomer body.  I’ve been so impressed and grateful for the treatment and results I received from PT Massage that I’ve convinced my wife and our kids and their families to become regular clients too.  We are all PT Massage BELIEVERS and offer the highest recommendation to anyone who needs relief and results for physical ailments and stress-related conditions.” -Glenn M., 11/8/15

“I’ve been getting acupuncture from Andrea and it has been so helpful! My job is really physical and lately I’ve been hurting all over so I really look forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions with her. I get the time and space I need to take care of myself and I always leave feeling 100%. She has helped with chronic pain in my low back, knee, wrist and shoulder. I also really appreciate how easy it is to communicate with her. So happy I found Andrea!” -Katrina Y., 10/18/15

“This is not your grandmother’s massage! As a former licensed massage therapist, I’m pretty choosy about my bodywork. I have seen three different therapists at PT and all three have been excellent. They all checked in on pressure regularly but didn’t feel the need to talk to me except to confirm my comfort. Though each therapist had their own style, all three delivered very deep pressure (you can have less if you prefer) and the overall style and focus of the place is therapeutic and sports massage. If you prefer a traditional Swedish massage, you would want to make that clear from the beginning. There is meter parking on the street and paid parking in the lot. They also do a foot bath prior to your massage which is a really nice touch and tends to center you before your session. Finally, you actually get your full 60 or 90 minutes on the table (not including your foot soak and change time). That is a real treat as at many places I’ve visited, your session is shortened due to change time etc. This is a great place for people who are looking for regular therapeutic massage as a part of their overall wellness routine.” -Nancy N., 4/21/14


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